Imagine Science Films was founded by a group of passionate scientists, artists, and filmmakers in 2008. Their mission is to bring science and art together through films, transforming the way science is communicated to the public, and thus making science concepts more accessible.

an opening animation for the 2017 Symbiosis Competition

Imagine Science Films 由一班有熱誠的科學家、藝術家和電影人於 2008 年創立,目標是要透過電影將科學和藝術結合,改變科學的一般傳遞方式,令科學概念更容易被大眾明白。

為2017 Symbiosis Competition個別設計的片頭動畫。

Client - Imagine Science

Production Company - Rooftop Animation

Director - Sarah Sun and Angela Wong

Producer - Sarah Sun

Animator - Angela Wong