Our studio focuses on storytelling and 2D animation. Our team provides a wide range of services along the production pipeline: from production management, creative direction, to execution. We also provide consultancy services for producers and creative teams seeking insight on running and managing animation productions.  

While providing the full package can help us ensure better communication and a higher quality result, we also offer the following services separately. Each client package is individually tailored to the project’s needs.

Production management

Our producers oversee resources such as schedule, budget, and manpower in a project. We tailor-make system and pipeline solutions that fit for each kind of animation production.

Creative direction

Our in-house directors envision creative solutions and direct our teams of talent in executing art and animation projects, including commercials, educational videos, apps, animated series and features.


Our teams of talent are specialised in different parts of the animation pipeline.

Our story team delivers scriptwriting and story doctoring services, as well as creating story art for animation productions.

The pre-production designers set the key visual elements of the production with their visual development and storyboarding skills.

Our production team breathes life into the ideas by creating animation and background art necessary for the project.

Agency & consultancy

We also provide consultancy services to producers and creative teams who are seeking advice for their animation projects:

  • Scheduling and budgeting

  • Production pipeline and system

  • Talent referral

  • Global marketing