TED-Ed: When is Water Safe to Drink
motion design / Animation


Rooftop 最近為 TED-Ed 製作了一齣水彩動畫《When is Water Safe to Drink?》。這是一個關於水的故事,所以便採用了本地水墨軟件 Expresii 寫意 / Moxi 墨戲,令動畫裏的水更活靈活現。清潔可飲用的水源本應是生活的基本需要,但原來全球近八億人都沒有潔淨的飲用水,點解?聽聽動畫點講啦!

“When is Water Safe to Drink” is an animation we created for TED-Ed. Since Mia Nacamulli is teaching a lesson about water, we thought it would be nice to create this animation with the help of Expresii 寫意 / Moxi 墨戲, a magical local ink software that allows us to breathe life into the water elements. A clean and safe water source is invaluable to our life yet it is still hard to come by for nearly 800 million of people in the world! 


Client: TED

Producer: Sarah Sun

Story Artist: Catqu

Story Revisionist: Nadine Promes

Animation Lead: Angela Wong

Animation Assistants: Jorge Mejia, Hugo Setyadji, Rasita Kaye

Special Thanks: Expresii 


View the full TED-Ed lesson here: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/when-is-water-safe-to-drink-mia-nacamulli