Rooftop Animation is a collective of directors, designers, and innovators with a great passion for sharing their love of storytelling. One of our main goals is to bring more diversity into the local scene and help foster an environment and channel for cultural exchange via the art of animation.

動畫室提供多種制作方案,現時主力發展 2D 動畫和動態圖像設計(motion graphics),勇於創新,跨越媒體界限,融合音樂及與觀眾互動等元素,並積極探索 VR 等新科技的創作可能。



SHORT FILM 短片, coming in 2017

Based in Mexico, Federico's Calaca tells the story of a fantastical encounter between Carlos who has just lost his beloved daughter and a mysterious kid behind a calaca mask. 

由魏家衛執導的calaca 故事發生在墨西哥的小鎮,講述剛失去愛女的carlos 和帶着髑髏面具的神秘小孩之間的奇幻邂逅。


SHORT FILM 短片, 2016

Directed by Sarah and Angela, Swarm tells the story of a little farmer boy learning to cope with the aftermath of a locust swarm, by accepting the difficult truth and leaping into adulthood with will power.




Story pitch 動畫方案, 2016

In each chapter of Joey's series, Lizards Have No Friends, Charlie meets a lonely denizen of the Lizard Kingdom. As the story unfolds, each lizard character is healed as their loneliness transforms into solitude. Meanwhile Charlie learns more and more about the world around them.

由河宇逸編寫的lizards have no friends 講述小孩charlie 在蜥蜴王國裏遇到的蜥蜴市民的故事。當蜥蜴們都學會將孤單化成孤獨,慢慢康復起來,charlie 也逐漸了解牠們的小世界。


SHORT FILM 短片, 2016

Directed by Manuel, Lousy Cops is a lighthearted comedy about a pair of detectives who aren't as cool as they think, investigating the disappearance of their informant.

顧名思義,馬牧雲的短片Lousy cops 當然就是關於兩個糟糕的警探。究竟鱷魚和犀牛警探能否找到失蹤的線人?

Green Earth

short film 短片, coming in 2017

Angela and Catqu's Green Earth tells the story of Eva and her friends protecting an old tree from being destroyed by the ever expending modern city.

Catqu與王瑞琪聯手執導的【綠蕪】講述EVA 和一班有心人團結對抗軍警,為的是要保衛一棵將被城市發展摧毀的老樹。

SCreenings and events

Rooftop Animation love promoting animation from around the world, therefore we have held screenings in HK, Taiwan, and US, in collaboration with organisations such as The Accent Studio and ASIFA South!

We also hold regular Art Meet in HK to geek out with sketching enthusiasts. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in joining our next Art Meet!