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Green earth 綠蕪


Set in a world of change, this is a story about healing and rebirth.

While we cannot always see immediate results to our actions, we will not know where the future may
lead us or whether everything is lost for certain. 


In a future where expansion and development is valued above conservation and nature, Eva stubbornly struggles to protect her beloved tree from being destroyed in the face of progress and ends up in the middle of a standoff with the developers. Directed by Catqu and Angela Wong, Green Earth is the story of a girl's journey fighting to protect what she loves and what she learns in the process about life and strength during her time with the tree.

在一個只注重發展的未來城市,主角 Eva 為了讓一棵伴她成長的大樹不受破壞,和地產發展商展開了一場緊張的拔河戰⋯⋯ 《綠蕪》由Catqu和王瑞琪聯手執導,是關於一個女孩在抗爭過程中的成長故事,關於她如何從大樹身上學習在逆境中自強不息和抱緊希望。

Directed by: Catqu, Angela Wong
Story: Waverly Lee, Catqu, Angela Wong
Screenplay and Original Story: Waverly Lee
Associate Producers: Nadine Promes
Music: John M. Churchill

Special Thanks : 
Rachel Chan, Joycelyn Choi, Mathew Chow, Eddy Hui, Felix Ip, Norelle Lai, Anthony Lee, Eddie Leung, Neco Lo, Gabriel Pang, Viola Shum, Roxane Tsui, Wong Ying, Toe Yuen,

Very Special Thanks :
Expresii 寫意 / Moxi 墨戲 & Nelson Chu



Official Selection of Short to the Point ISFF - August Showcase

Official Selection of Barcelona Planet Film Festival

Official Selection of Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona

Official Selection of Animae Caribe Festival


PLAY! Hong Kong Comix Touring Exhibition

MOViE MOViE Channel - October 4th ASP Showcase

Hong Kong Comix Homebase Outdoor Screening 



Official Selection of The Victoria TX Independent Film Festival

Official Selection of Pune Short Film Festival

Green Earth is an animated short produced and created by Rooftop Animation with the funding and support of HKDEA's 4th Animation Support Program. It is animated with a mix of digital and traditional ink, with technical support from the Chinese ink software, Expresii. Music scored by the talented John M Churchill, who collaborated with us on Swarm before.


The initial story started out with a much sadder ending, beautifully written by our talented writer Waverly Lee, as an emotional and artistic response to the current climate and the feeling of helplessness.

However, the story evolved a lot since. We were inspired by the efforts of the many friends around us who seem to fight a losing battle, but keep persisting. In a way, this is us cheering them on.

During the production itself, we have spent a lot of time with the Buyan trees that root themselves in brick walls and the plants that grow through roadside cracks around Hong Kong (aka the concrete jungle). In the process, we have learned a lot about life and persistence from nature. Hopefully, this film reflects these musings.

Perhaps the earth can teach us as when everything seems dead and later proves to be alive.
— Pablo Neruda



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A village is overwhelmed by an unwelcome harvest.

Directed by Sarah and Angela, Swarm tells the story of a little farmer boy learning to cope with the aftermath of a locust swarm, by accepting the difficult truth and leaping into adulthood with will power.



The story starts with our young, innocent farmer boy going about his daily life in a place that has faced local extinction. He represents the next generation of people; the new hope.

His innocence is dashed during the locust attack. When his father gives him the locust to eat at the end, it is akin to an initiation ritual into adulthood, a symbol of the hope transforming into willpower. The end scene criticizes the fact that humans are leaving a difficult world for the next generation to cope with, and at the same time it is also about the truth of growing up. The short aims to mobilize our generation, to tell us that this world can still be saved if we start now.

Festivals & Awards


70th Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner

Official Selection of the 14th Neum Animated Film Festival

Official Selection of the 22nd IFVA awards: Official Selection

Official Selection of Anim!Arte International Film Festival

Official Selection of World International Film Festival (Berlin)

Official Selection of ZOOM - Zbliżenia 2017


Chair's Select Award of SCAD Show 

Finalist of North America Chinese Directors Short Film Tour

Official Selection of the 23rd Environment Film Festival

Official Selection of Animalada III Animation Short Film Festival

Official Selection of ASIFA Animation RYO Animation Festival

Official Selection of Barcelona Environment Film Festival

Official Selection of Canadian Diversity Film Festival

Official Selection of Canterbury Anifest

Official Selection of International Short & Independent Film Festival

Official Selection of Libélula International Animation festival

Official Selection of Manchester Animation Festival

Official Selection of Short Short Story Film Festival




Lousy Cops

Lousy Cops

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lousy cops


Two detectives inspects a crime scene.

Directed by Manuel, Lousy Cops is a lighthearted comedy about a pair of detectives who aren't as cool as they think, investigating the disappearance of their informant.

顧名思義,馬牧雲的短片LOUSY COPS 當然就是關於兩個糟糕的警探。究竟鱷魚和犀牛警探能否找到失蹤的線人?